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"Gigi's Floral Fantasy" - 2024 Art Wall Calendar - "8.5" x "11"

"Gigi's Floral Fantasy" - 2024 Art Wall Calendar - "8.5" x "11"

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"Gigi's Floral Fantasy" 2024 Calendar

Introducing the 2024 "Gigi's Floral Fantasy" Calendar, featuring the enchanting Gigi, adorned with the most exquisite flowers. Each month reveals a new portrait of Gigi, harmoniously blending with a unique floral arrangement that captures the season's essence. From the delicate whispers of spring blossoms to the vibrant hues of summer blooms, and from the rich tones of autumn to the serene beauty of winter florals, this calendar is a visual symphony of nature's finest.

Classic Calendar "8.5" x "11"

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