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Snake (Sansevieria) Plant - 2 Pack Variety - 6" Pot

Snake (Sansevieria) Plant - 2 Pack Variety - 6" Pot

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2 Pack Snake (Sansevieria) Plant Variety  - 6" Pot

Common Name: Snake Plant

Botanical Names: Sansevieria

Snake Plant Description 

A Snake Plant Variety Pack, featuring various types of Sansevieria, is an excellent choice for indoor gardeners looking to add some hardy and architecturally interesting plants to their collection. Snake Plants, also known as Sansevieria or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, are highly prized for their striking, upright leaves and exceptional tolerance to a wide range of growing conditions.

Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii': Known for its tall, green leaves with golden yellow edges. Sansevieria cylindrica: Features round, stiff leaves that can grow several feet in length and often are braided in cultivation. Sansevieria 'Moonshine': Sports broad, silvery-green leaves that stand upright. Sansevieria 'Futura Robusta': This variety has shorter, wide leaves that are gray-green in color with dark green horizontal stripes.

Care Plan for Snake Plant Variety Pack

Light: Snake Plants are extremely adaptable in terms of light. They can thrive in anything from direct sunlight to low light conditions. However, moderate to bright indirect light is ideal for promoting growth and leaf coloration. Very low light will slow their growth and may make the leaves less vibrant.

Watering: One of the key aspects of caring for Snake Plants is not to overwater them. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings, and water less frequently during the winter months or in cooler climates. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which is one of the few things that can seriously harm these plants.

Humidity: Sansevierias are very tolerant of dry air, but like most houseplants, they appreciate higher humidity levels. However, they do not require any special humidity adjustments and are quite forgiving in typical home environments.

Temperature: These plants prefer temperatures between 55-85°F (13-29°C). They are quite resilient but should be protected from extreme cold, which could damage the leaves.

Child and Pet Safety: Snake Plants are toxic to both pets and humans if ingested. They contain saponins, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It's best to keep these plants out of reach of children and animals.

General Tips: Fertilize Snake Plants sparingly; once every couple of months during the growing season with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer is sufficient. They are generally slow growers and do not require frequent repotting. Keeping the leaves clean will help the plants breathe better and look more vibrant.


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