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Chinese Evergreen 'Red Siam'

Chinese Evergreen 'Red Siam'

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Common Name(s): Chinese Evergreen
Botanical Name: Aglaonema 'Red Siam'

Chinese Evergreen 'Red Siam' Description

The 'Red Siam' features glossy leaves that are a deep green with vibrant red edges and veins, creating a stunning visual impact. The leaves are broad and slightly wavy, which adds to their lush, full appearance. This variety of Chinese Evergreen is particularly prized for its ability to bring a splash of color to interior spaces without requiring extensive maintenance.

Care Plan for Chinese Evergreen 'Red Siam'

Light: The 'Red Siam' does well in low to medium indirect light, making it suitable for locations away from direct sunlight. It can tolerate low-light conditions better than many other houseplants, though the color intensity of the leaves may be enhanced with brighter light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves.

Watering: Water this plant when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Ensure the soil is evenly moist but not soggy. Good drainage is crucial to avoid root rot. Be cautious of overwatering, which is a common issue and can lead to leaf yellowing and other health problems.

Humidity: Chinese Evergreen 'Red Siam' benefits from moderate to high humidity but will tolerate average household humidity levels. If the air in your home is dry, consider using a humidifier, or occasionally mist the plant to increase humidity.

Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 65-75°F (18-24°C). Avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations, which can stress the plant and cause damage.

Child and Pet Safety: Like other Aglaonema varieties, the 'Red Siam' is toxic to both pets and humans if ingested. It contains calcium oxalate crystals that can cause irritation to the mouth, tongue, and stomach, leading to difficulty swallowing and gastrointestinal discomfort. It is important to place this plant out of reach of children and pets.

General Tips: Fertilize every two to three months during the growing season with a diluted, balanced fertilizer. Regularly wipe the leaves with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and keep the plant looking vibrant. Prune any yellow or damaged leaves to maintain health and aesthetics.

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